The ionCube PHP Encoder GUI is a powerful front-end to the ionCube PHP Encoder command-line tool. All Encoder options are exposed in the GUI, and this documentation should be read in conjunction with the PHP Encoder user guide.

Read the quick start guide, or browse the detailed description of features linked below.

The latest version of this documentation is always available online.


1 Quickstart Guide
2 Licensing the Encoder
3 Startup Screen
4 Main Window
5 Project Settings
5.1 Quickstart Settings
5.2 Source Settings
5.3 Target Settings
5.4 Keys
5.5 Restrictions
5.6 Obfuscation
5.7 Customisation
5.8 Messages
5.9 Environment Settings
5.10 Action Settings
5.11 Miscellaneous Settings
5.12 Security Checklist
6 License Creation
6.1 License Settings
6.2 License Generation
7 Dynamic Fields (Special Edition Only)
7.1 Custom Settings
7.2 License Values
8 Package Foundry Integration