5.7. Header

The following shows the Header tab of the Project Settings dialog:

Header text

Text entered in the Header text edit box will be embedded as PHP comments at the start of each encoded file. As an example, this could be useful for supplying copyright or license notices. Header text can also be taken from a file during the encoding process if Use file is checked and a file is specified. The preamble is protected by checksums, and modifying the preamble in any way will render the file unusable.

PHP preamble

The PHP preamble is PHP code that appears by default at the start of an encoded file. This preamble will produce a message if the Loader is not installed that directs the end user to the ionCube Loader download page.

To change the message emitted when no Loader is found, check the Custom 'No Loader' expression field. Note that this field is passed to the PHP die() function and must be a valid PHP expression. To specify a simple message, ensure that you use quotes around the text to make it a valid PHP string. Use the ellipsis button to edit the field in a larger text area if required.

To use your own PHP preamble, check Use file and specify a text file containing the PHP code. Note that the file should contain just the PHP code body and not the <?php and ?> tags as the Encoder will add those itself.