9. Dynamic Fields (Special Edition Only)


Dynamic fields is a feature of the Special Edition GUI, and is an innovative concept that recognises that some project settings may be dynamic in nature, requiring different values each time a project is encoded or a license file is created. By dynamically creating a custom settings tab in the main GUI window that prompts for values for any dynamic fields, this feature provides a way that custom values can be specified without having to edit the actual project or license settings each time. In addition, any dynamic fields are also included in the special encoding interface that is displayed when right clicking on an Encoder project file and selecting the Encode option in Explorer. Various text fields of the Encoder GUI Project Settings dialog and the License Settings dialog can be made into dynamic fields.

To make a support field dynamic, simply enter the symbol ? for its value, indicating that there should be a value for that field, but that it is not known now. After the first dynamic field has been specified, a Custom Settings tab will be created in the main Window.

Default labels are given for dynamic fields, but custom labels can be specified using the enhanced syntax ?="new label" where new label is the desired display string.

The ordering of dynamic fields on the custom settings tab can be modified by using the syntax ?50="new label". Here 50 is the priority of the field, and fields are displayed in order of ascending priority. Fields without a specified priority are assigned the value 100.

The following pages detail which settings can be made into dynamic fields.