5.10. Actions

The following shows the Actions tab of the Project Settings dialog:

Custom encoding commands

This tab allows you to specify various command line commands to execute at various steps of the encoding process. You can specify whether to run a program, a batch script or a shell script. These fields support environment variable substitutions. As an example, the following command would open the target folder after encoding is complete:

C:\WINDOWS\explorer "{TARGET_DIR}"

In the event that the specified commands are unable to be executed, or that they return a non-zero value, an error dialog will be displayed. The only exception is when the failed command is the final step of the process, in which case a warning will be generated. From this error dialog, you can choose whether to continue processing regardless of the failure, or you can cancel processing immediately.

The steps that can be configured are as follows:

  • Pre-encoding step: Runs before any file encoding occurs.
  • Post-encoding step: Runs after the files have been encoded, but before the pre-packaging step. Error dialog is suppressed if no archiving is to be performed.
  • Pre-packaging step: Runs after the post-encoding step if any archiving is to be performed.
  • Post-packaging step: Runs after any archiving is completed. Error dialog is always suppressed.