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2. Licensing the Encoder

The full version of the ionCube Encoder software requires a license file to activate the software for the machine where it is installed. The installer (setup.exe) for the software provides a way to obtain a license automatically via the Internet or via email, and if it is necessary to update the license once the software is installed, this can also be done via the Encoder GUI. There are two mechanisms available, described below.

Obtaining a License with an Active Internet Connection (recommended)

Choose the Acquire License item on the Help menu. After a few seconds the software should be activated. If there is an error, a dialog will be displayed with further information.

Obtaining a License via Email

If no Internet connection is available on the machine being licensed, a license request file can be generated for submission via email, with a license file being sent back via email. To do this:

  1. Choose the Generate License Request item on the Help menu and pick a location to save the request file (licreq.txt); the default is the Documents folder.
  2. Email the licreq.txt file to The request may be processed automatically, or else a member of the licensing team will review it. A response will be sent back via email.
  3. When you receive a license file for the software (lic.txt), choose the Install License File option on the Help menu to locate the license file. You may also receive a file called licdata.txt, and this should be installed too. The software should then be licensed and functional.
Transferring your license to a different machine

If you wish to transfer your license to a new machine, or you wish to re-install the operating system on your machine, simply uninstall the Encoder software and the uninstaller will attempt to release the license via the Internet. If this is not possible, a dialog will be displayed with further instructions.