10. Preferences

The behaviour and default settings for some aspects of the GUI can be set via preferences. These persist from one run of the software to the next.

Preferences can be accessed via the Edit menu on Windows and also the preferences tool, and will look similar to the following.

The categories of preferences are shown on the left, and selecting a category shows the related settings in the main part of the dialog. Changed settings for all categories are saved when pressing OK.

The Applications > Terminal preference is new for 12.0.1 and selects which program to use for launching a command line terminal window from new options on the Project menu. This is marked as experimental as it may change in future releases and have limitations, however it works in the current form and can be very useful if also working with command line. The command line that the GUI will run is shown in the status line (bottom left) of the main window when highlighting the related menu items so it can be verified.