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Computer Science University Industrial Placement

Job type: University Industrial Placement
Location: Canterbury, Kent, UK
Salary: 18500 GBP plus optional relocation
Reference: IP02

About this role

Since 2014 we have provided placements to BSc. and MSc. students from the UK and Germany, and are currently accepting applications for University Industrial Placements for 2020-21.

An Industrial Placement is an excellent opportunity to put what has been learnt at Uni into a practical context, as well as gaining many more skills. A talent in programming and passion for learning new skills is the main starting requirement, and we're looking particularly for students interested in Full Stack web development, working on projects such as our AngularJS based web service ionCube24. Students on our placement positions are a key part of a highly experienced small team, learning and using the essential backend and frontend skills that a well rounded developer should possess. Unlike the experience of working in large companies, our placement students get to take ownership of projects, are actively involved in the creative process of product evolution, and develop their own code and make important design decisions. We also reward our placement students with a higher than industry average salary.

We are based near Canterbury in Kent, with good transport links and can also assist with relocation if necessary.

To apply or find out more, get in touch to let us know your interests and we will be happy to talk with you.

If you have examples of code online that you have written, please include these with your application.

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