PHP Encoder 13

Protect your PHP Scripts with Encryption & Licensing

  • Encoding support for PHP 8.2, 8.1, 7.4 and many other legacy PHP versions.

  • Unique External and Dynamic Keys encryption feature for the ultimate in PHP security.
  • Compiled Bytecode protection.
  • Command line plus GUI for Windows and macOS.
  • Binary code obfuscation.
  • Optional expiry, domain, IP and MAC locking for effective code licensing.
  • One time purchase with no annual renewal.
  • and more...
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Need to run a plugin or app?

ioncube Loader is required to run encoded applications.
It's free to install. For assistance we recommend using our Loader Wizard.

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Hackers exploiting a website flaw to run malware is a common cause of security breach, not prevented by most security tools. ionCube24 is an infosec service that actively prevents running of possible PHP malware before it can do harm, and also provides PHP/JS error reporting and service monitoring to keep aware of faults of outages.

  • Website Defacement and Malware prevention.
  • Real-Time detection and management.
  • Unexpected new or modified files instantly blocked.
  • Website PHP error alerts.