ionCube Referral Partners Programme

The ionCube referral partners or "affiliates" programme is an excellent opportunity for partners who generate sales leads by linking to us to be awarded up to 25% commission on sales for their contribution.

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Becoming an ionCube referral partner is free, takes just a few moments, and you can get started now by registering. Once registered we'll send you an email with more details, including how to link to our site, suggested links, images etc. As an ionCube referral partner partner you of course receive full support, and if you need help or have any questions or suggestions then please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist.

Performance Based Commission

We offer performance related commission, with rates from 15% to 25% per sale based on the number of sales since last payment. One sale is awarded 15% commission, 2 sales 17% each, 3 sales 19% each etc. Partners with commission from at least two sales can request payment at any time, although accumulating commission achieves the highest percentage commission on all sales. Commission can currently be paid to PayPal accounts.

Anonymous Referrals System

We offer an innovative "Anonymous Referrals" feature that optionally allows referral partners to link to us without needing to pass special codes. This allows referral partners to keep their partner status private, whilst still benefitting from the opportunity of being a referral partner.

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