ionCube Package Foundry

IPF produces a Windows software installer to deploy your web products to any remote server having an FTP login. This makes the user install experience similar to installing a local product, without the hassle of FTP clients and archives.

Key features of installers

  • Easy install of web based applications to local or remote servers.
  • Create Windows installers from Linux or Windows.
  • Automatic installation of ionCube Loaders for PHP if required.
  • Support for multi-language installer messages and support files.
  • Assign custom permissions to files or folders.

Installation problems solved by IPF

There are several common problems with installing web products, particularly if they contain encoded scripts. These problems include:

  • The need for extra tools such as suitable FTP and archive programs.
  • Accidental file corruption as WinZIP and many FTP programs can corrupt encoded scripts and support files.
  • Incorrect setting of custom file permissions and application configuration.

Feature Highlights

  • Support for HTTPS websites.
  • Installers can be created in multiple languages.
  • Support for localised readme, license, and other files.
  • Create IPF installers for Windows from Linux or Windows.
  • Assign custom UNIX style permissions to files or folders.
  • Automatic installation of ionCube Loaders for PHP if required.
  • Uniform handling of both local and remote installations.
  • Familiar and straightforward installer GUI.
  • Installers feature active-help system to give user assistance if required.
  • License files and readme files can be displayed if appropriate.
  • Installers can be branded with your own custom product images.
  • Automatic triggering of post-install scripts on remote server.
  • Configuration Manager handles manual configuration and reconfiguration of text files after the install is completed.
  • FTP pipelining to streamline uploads.
  • Automatic passive and active FTP mode.
  • Support for multiple install targets.