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ionCube Bundler

The ionCube Bundler is a simple to use tool for creating Windows self-extracting archives that can be transparently unpacked by end-users, with a post-unpack executable launched automatically if required.

Archives can be created from Windows and Linux, making it ideal for automating archive creation on a server.

By wrapping the actual installer setup.exe plus other files as a single new setup.exe, the bundler neatly solves cases where not all files for a package can be built into the main installer.


  • Bundler available for Linux and Windows.
  • Easy to use Windows Bundler GUI.
  • Minimnal file size overhead.
  • Convenient Windows drag-and-drop interface.
  • Transparent to end-users.
  • Option to allow end-users to choose extraction destination.
  • And more!

View the online documentation for more details on all Bundler features.