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Free Obfuscating HTML Encoder

The obfuscating HTML encoder is an easy to install PHP script that obfuscates PHP generated output into a coded form, preventing easy inspection of the content source. Some browser operations such as right click are also disabled on most browsers.

Please note, this script is only compatible with PHP 5.4 and lower.

Download Version 1.9 (html_encoder_1.9.tar.gz)

Download Version 1.9 (html_encoder_1.9.zip)


Unpack the downloaded archive and simply include the html_encoder_1.9.php file into your PHP application. Encoded pages should then be output. This script is encoded, and so if not installed already, be sure to download and install the Loader software for your operating system and PHP version.

The encoded PHP script is a binary file, and so use binary mode if transferring files with FTP or similar programs. If unpacking with WinZIP, disable the 'TAR smart/cr/lf conversion' feature before unpacking as this can corrupt files.


Once included, the HTML encoder automatically installs a handler for HTML output that obfuscates the PHP output and replaces it with the obfuscated version. No additional coding is required.

By default the obfuscated output contains javascript that blanks the browser status line, but this behaviour can be configured by setting $status_text before including the html_encoder.php file. Setting the variable to a short string will display the text in the status line, and setting it to false will prevent the status line from being blanked.