Product Testimonials

Simon Troup from writes:

Since we started using ionCube, registrations are up by over 500% compared to when we were using the 'honor' system. There's also a noticeable decrease in support calls due to the number of customers who were tinkering with the code (against the license terms)
ionCube support is lightening fast and courteous, they obviously have a rock solid grip of how their sofware behaves across all platforms.
I strongly urge all PHP developers to check it out, we had our scripts encrypted and ready for distribution 10 minutes after visiting the site for the first time, total investment - $25, and we still had a few hundred credits left over for next time!

Bashar Al-Abdulhadi from writes:

ionCube is one of the best companies i have ever dealt with online since 1995. Amazing service indeed, perfect timing and VERY professional! Keep on the good work guys.

Kevin Nelson from writes:

I would like to tell you how pleased I am with your product, From switching over from ****** ********... It just does not compare. They do not have a leg to stand on when comparing theirs to ionCube! I can honestly say, this was money well spent!

Jack Born from writes:

Holy smokes. [...] I have to tell you that your company has by far the best customer support I have EVER seen. Absolutely unbelievable the steps you will take to solve an issue and make a customer happy. I'm going to give this a try right now and let you know how it goes. Just amazing... really.


I received an email from your support folks and I have yet to implement their solution but I want to tell you that I am amazed! They went through several thousand lines of code (my code... not your code) to figure out what the problem is. You guys have the most incredible support team I have ever seen. It's like you're all sitting around waiting to answer my emails... Hats off to your team.

Dmitry Verbichenko from writes:

ionCube technology is vital for the companies which want to provide downloadable demo for their open source products. It took a couple of days to prepare full featured demo with ionCube and now our potential customers have a real "Try Before You Buy" opportunity. No one expected that it could be so easy.

Christopher Fournier writes:

Wow, you have an absolutely magnificent product, after the online test I am very convinced that your online encoding service is remarkably well suited to our beginning small business.

Galin Yordanov from writes:

btw - great product !

Mike Bradley from writes:

By the way, your software is wonderful - much fewer problems than with ****. All the best.

James Bush writes:

This may not mean much, but I have to tell you... Your encoder is the most useful tool I've ever seen for PHP! I just wanted to say thanks!

Lukas R. writes:

Your online encoder rules! [...]
[support response] wow. fast as a blizzard... ;)
yes, I tested the online encoder successfully with quite a big job. this, because our actual work has to run on a foreign webserver. and we don't want other customers of this hosting company to grab our code & passwords... my conclusion of this test?

1. zip project
2. encode online
3. download project
4. extract project on webserver
5. upload Loader to webserver
6. run the whole thing!

absolutely great! no tweaking, no configs, no problems, nothing... I'm very impressed!

Juan Carlos González from writes:

Thank you for your reply, actually, we already tried out your web interface for encoding and we used it on windows and it worked perfectly, actually we are very pleased with your product and we will use for now (in one week) that interface to encode our project. Congratulations for your product, the "on demand" service that you thought is very very good...

Matthias R. writes:

Hi ... I step into the line of people who talk about your "industry leading" support! Damnit! You're very quick and sophisticated! ... THANK YOU

Bjoern K. writes:

Wow, you are so fast... :-) [...] your product is GREAT!

C.S. writes:

Of course, I believe IonCube encoder is a great product. As a matter of fact, I think it is a much better product than the **** encoder.

H.B. writes:

Thank you for your fast support!!

David E. writes:

First of all, I have to say that was the fastest support-response, I probably ever got! - Excellent!

David E. writes:

Many thanks for your help. Your support really is outstanding!!

F.V. writes:

Thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it.

Clay writes:

Wow! Thanks for the quick response.

Support Testimonials

March 2015

highnix writes:

Every time I encounter an issue, the support rendered made me a happy customer. Keep it up!

samstephens writes:

Fast, helpful, to the point. Great job.

<anonymous> writes:

Very fast reply, thank you!

February 2015

<anonymous> writes:

Your customer care is one of the best I experienced during my life!

rjb123 writes:

Ben did a great job. Wish he could have figured out the PHP opcache issue sooner. That would have gotten a 5.

netcallup writes:

it't works!

pbrax writes:

Your support is friendly and quick as always. Thank you

<anonymous> writes:

Many thanks for the help!

festr writes:

I got what I wanted so I'm satisfied.

<anonymous> writes:

The support I received was remarkable! Expert advice and quick responses. I've never received better technical support.

<anonymous> writes:

Thank you very much! Your support is so good!

subduer writes:

It was full and comprehensive response. Thank you very much.

<anonymous> writes:

Very very very fast people

10131211 writes:

customer service is good!

<anonymous> writes:

thanks to the support. the response has been followed successfully. thank you very much

fononline writes:

Thanks for best support.

<anonymous> writes:

Ben did great job to help me with ionCube loader installation problem. Thanks again!!! Regards, Andrew

January 2015

destanyilanci writes:


gbuscu writes:

Excellent, prompt response.

howardwp writes:

Thanks for all the support. Now everything is up and running smoothly.

pavlickm writes:

worse support
ionCube says: Sadly not everyone is always happy, but we did work with this customer to sort things out!

rick@ric... writes:


kaan writes:

Thanks for very fast and accurated solutions.

Owowspace writes:

Great! Support

shuroman writes:


swu@pla... writes:

Service is really good and fast!

MickeyChuang writes:

ioncube provided solutions: 1. Fast response 2. Many kinds of solution 3. Most important, solution worked at the first try but... no howto description or document, that may make exhausted for some people

December 2014

sizar writes:

the support are just doing great , thank you so much

<anonymous> writes:

great support!

cmall writes:

Thank you

<anonymous> writes:

your support was great!

<anonymous> writes:

very prompt and willing to resolve asap *****

AminM writes:

Very fast response, solved the problem I had - great! Merry Christmas!

<anonymous> writes:

The support and the follow up by Ioncube folks was excellent and can be compared to the best in the industry. Dipak Shaw

<anonymous> writes:

HI My problem is solved. Thanks, Pankaj Vagare

consumerfed writes:

Great, good, quick and quality support..

ae@ido... writes:

on my 2nd try, I got a fullfilled answer.

saminjp writes:

Good support

November 2014

<anonymous> writes:

Sebastian and his backup Ben were able to reslove my problem and get me going with the ionCube install on my local machine... Extra bonus points to Sebastian for his patience with my problem, (as I am only beginning to fully understand code, file systems and computers overall) and for helping me to understand how the ioncube loader works, and extra bonus points for Ben because he got me over the top at the end to get things configured and working correctly. Thanks again everyone, Best regards, James

msdsystems writes:

Great support and valued help & tips.

<anonymous> writes:

The best service once could ask for, seriously! Sebastian, in particular, was outstanding!

October 2014

ldardini writes:

Maybe it was due to our different timezone, but a ticket marked as urgent, I was expecting a more expedite answer. It can be good also to let the user read his past closed ticket. That was already happened to me.

paulf writes:

Great, very quick

Dave1219 writes:

Quick response,

moseslecce writes:

was able to help with exactly what was needed.

sincelo writes:

It was better if there were no error at the first place... The support team solve my problem very fast.

victorapollo writes:

Sebastian addressed my issues well!

Len_Jacobson writes:

Excellent support! Quick and thorough responses.

LPTSI_ITS writes:

quick response from the your support. thanks

MMDeveloper writes:

Support was very fast and straight to the point

<anonymous> writes:

The answers were prompt and informative.

<anonymous> writes:

good and fast suppport, thanks

<anonymous> writes:


fatihtir writes:

Framework dependent setting support for template encryption should be given. For example, for laravel framework.

pbo writes:

Really good help, very responsive. Thank you to Ben who did a good job.

<anonymous> writes:

Fantastic help - saved me hours more frustration - thanks guys BRILLIANT

dennaka writes:

Great and helpful answer from support (Mr. Sebastian Hubenschmid), thanks :)

<anonymous> writes:

Thanks for your help,

<anonymous> writes:

need to support using chart

Len_Jacobson writes:

I am amazed and grateful with the speed and thoroughness of the responses I got for this issue. I could not be more satisfied!!

reharris41 writes:

Sorry about missing those red stars in my evaluation.

September 2014

sinsmendosa writes:

Amazing support , very very fast !!! awesome thanks

<anonymous> writes:

On time support. If you want to rank your service its should be always the best of best.... Thanks for your help ....... Regards, Sivalingam.S

chenri writes:


nikoskos writes:

Thanks for quick response.

<anonymous> writes:

Swift and easy resolution of the problem by Emir

<anonymous> writes:

Your support is exellent! My communication was fast and to the point.It helped me a lot. Thank you.

hkarim3 writes:

very good, i can fell the improvement

acroprint writes:

We received very helpful and fast support from ionCube Team.

MMDeveloper writes:

answer was fast and to the point

August 2014

sizar writes:

great support thank you all

sizar writes:

great job , great support

toogas writes:

Very fast replies, and effective support.

sachinsaini writes:

Timely response. Whether I am still not your client but I really appreciate your support.

lucasumberto writes:

awesome and fast

AWANT writes:

fast and helpful

<anonymous> writes:

Support was very quick and professional for my issue.

May 2014

<anonymous> writes:

They did a great job

<anonymous> writes:

Service vraiment rapide... Et efficace ils m'ont dit directement qu'elle ligne je devait mettre dans mon php.ini :)

argonfactory writes:

Very quick response and professional explanation which solved my problem.

<anonymous> writes:

Quick and courteous response to my question. I had to be redirected to my service provider so the issue could not be solved by ionCube but I received several followups to make sure everything was okay.

fritzelSTL writes:

Very fast and good Support. I love ioncube ;-)

kumiyare writes:

I'm very satisfied with the support you provided, keep up the good work.

lourson writes:

Quick, efficient -> perfect

screavics writes:

Really awesome experience won't forget it for the rest of my life thank you.

ws_ioncube writes:

i fixed the problem, the FTP software on the other computer didn't use binary mode when copying the files.

<anonymous> writes:

Quick response. Great communication. Thank you!

<anonymous> writes:

I really appreciate the the level of support you offered. Between ionCube's support and the customer support of my hosting provider, the problem was solved. Thanks again.

April 2014

<anonymous> writes:

Outstanding! Congratulations!

adartem writes:

Fast & reliable :-) Thanks to the support's help I'll soon upgrade my ioncube to the latest version.

retro writes:

Excellent service. Purchased credit by mistake because didnt suite my requirements after buying the credit and speaking with staff. They refunded the credit with many thanks, didnt expect they would do that so thank you. More than happy to refer clients to youre service

CaptainCyril writes:

Excellent and Friendly.

inthanet writes:

customer support as i like

angeltsalazar writes:

It was good and with good response time

sn67 writes:

Thanks Luke for your business responsiveness

payuhungary writes:

My problem was solved in five minutes. Thank you for the fast help.

<anonymous> writes:

Fast, helpful and kind.

philbutler writes:

Good support. I received responses in a timely manner. Thanks !!

bsibsi writes:

Fast and appropriate support. My problem has been solved and I spend another $70 for an upgrade with mutual satisfaction.

agould writes:

Thanks for your help

matthiasb writes:

Great and fast support! Thanks, Richard!

claudiocusto writes:

Excelent suport for this situation. Thank you.

adartem writes:

Fast & reliable :-) Thanks to the support's help I'll soon upgrade my ioncube to the latest version.

luca3003 writes:

Very efficient! It wasn't a ticket difficult to solve but the fast you solved has been very appreciated. Thank you!

sumit.guharoy writes:

Thanks Sir, Now I can able to start Encoding my Projects on Updated Encoder given by your Company. My Past year experience was excellent and we are very happy to have such kind of service

mbreitkreuz writes:

Your support is quick and efficient, thank you very much.

argonfactory writes:

I got answer with all details I needed and am vary happy with the customer support service.

March 2014

contacto writes:

excellent attention and speed

massie writes:

Very helpful. Thanks for putting up with us.

<anonymous> writes:

The support was fast and great and helped me very much, thank you Luke!

<anonymous> writes:

Rapid response. Good service

<anonymous> writes:

The best supp forever

david writes:

Nice Product

tclim writes:

Great Customer Services 5 star.

kemoz writes:

great job

MidyaTech writes:

very fast and professional :)

<anonymous> writes:

Excellent support from Richard! Thanks!

holup writes:

quick answer and appropriate action.

pit writes:

Fast and competent answers and support staff. Thanks a lot for the straightforward support!

philbutler writes:

My questions were answered in a timely manner. Thanks for the support. Phil Butler

msdsystems writes:

Appreciate your cooperation & tme.

msdsystems writes:

Excelent! support & help

February 2014

<anonymous> writes:

Timely and to the point. Thank you for your assistance. Good information on your capabilities to build a custom driver for the Raspberry Pi for php5 should I decide to head that direction. Again, good job! Thank you.

<anonymous> writes:

Love your product. Keep up the great work. Sorry I don't have anything critical/constructive to say at this point....everything just works well. Your prompt customer service replies are also appreciated. Scott Wheeler Cincinnati, OH - US

srubinstein writes:

One answer - it worked

marcin writes:

Fast response, good answear.

bilgi writes:

Very good support. Thank you ver much.

worlord writes:

Excellent Support Thank You

expressol writes:

thanks all of your quick reply and helped me solved problems.

Graith writes:

I'd read before about others experiences with ionCube support and I was not disappointed. My problems were very quickly resolved and you can be sure I'll be using ionCube more fully in the future.

db_ais writes:

Very quick response that solved the issue immediately

<anonymous> writes:

Hi, This was my first experience with ioncube and I was a tad apprehensive; I never expected to be so well and quickly served. Within a day, Luke got me off to a quick start and Alastair made sure that all was well. Your friendly hand-holding and followup are very much appreciated. Thanks again, Ed Tario

jerome writes:

The support is very efficient and answers come back very quickly. Good job.