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The Self-Extracting Archive Creator

The ionCube Bundler is a simple and useful tool for creating Windows self-extracting archives that can be transparently unpacked by end-users, with a post-unpack executable launched automatically if required.

When products are packaged for deployment with fully-featured installers, it is often desirable to perform on-the-fly customisation of some files. For example, one might wish to customise a file with the email address or license of the customer making the purchase or evaluation.

This usually requires keeping some files external to the setup.exe installer, giving an unprofessional product package that can be confusing and more awkward to install than is desirable, and annoying for end-users. The ionCube Bundler solves this problem by bundling the setup.exe installer and the external files in a single self-extracting archive, capable of unpacking the installation, and auto-launching the main installer. Requiring no software to be installed on the end users machine, and with less than 50KB overhead thanks to no bloat from unnecessary features, the Bundler is the ideal tool to create distributions of multiple files.

The Bundler is available for both Windows and Linux, allowing you to create self-extracting archives for Windows dynamically on your Linux web server, and costs just $25.


Features include:

  • Bundler available for Linux and Windows.
  • Easy to use Windows Bundler GUI.
  • < 50K file size overhead.
  • Convenient Windows drag-and-drop interface.
  • Transparent to end-users.
  • Option to allow end-users to choose extraction destination.
  • And more!

    View the online documentation for more details on all Bundler features.


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