The ionCube Package Foundry is a flexible set of tools for creating cross-platform installers. These installers use a built-in, transparent, FTP client to upload PHP applications to remote servers, or install files to the local machine.

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1 Quickstart Guide
2 General Information
2.1 Compression and Package Transfer
2.2 Installation of ionCube Loaders
2.3 Log File
2.4 Multiple Install Targets
2.5 SSL Support
3 Installing IPF
3.1 IPF Licensing
3.2 Evaluation Version Key
4 IPF Command-line Tool
4.1 Command-line Options
5 The IPF GUI for Windows
5.1 Basic Settings
5.2 Install Files
5.3 Special Files
5.4 Custom Permissions
5.5 Custom Images
5.6 Stub Customisation
5.7 Miscellaneous
5.8 Language Packs
5.9 IPF Log
6 IPF Script Files
6.1 Mandatory Items
6.2 Optional Items
7 Active Help API
8 Translating Installers
9 Using htaccess Files