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6.1. Mandatory Items

1. output-file
2. package-name
3. package-dir
4. package-file
5. eval-key

Usage:output-file C:\setup.exe
This item sets the path of the Package Foundry's output file.

Usage:package-name "Example Application"
This item sets the name of the package, as used throughout the package installer.

Usage:package-dir "../my package"
Either a folder or a file (see below) must be specified containing the files comprising the application to be installed.

Usage:package-file package.tar.gz
If the application has already been compressed with a supported compression method as described below, the path of the archive may be specified.

Usage:eval-key AA11BB22
If you are using an evaluation copy of the IPF command-line tool, you must specify your evaluation key using this option.