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2.2. Installation of ionCube Loaders

If the packaged application contains files encoded with the ionCube PHP Encoder, the installer will determine whether such files can be decoded on the target server. If they cannot, but the server supports 'run-time loading', an attempt is made to install appropriate Loaders on the server.

Transfer of Loaders is performed in the most efficient manner supported by the target server. In the best case, the Loaders are downloaded directly from the ionCube server to the target web server, bypassing the client machine. This is usually a rapid procedure. The Loaders are compressed before transfer if it is determined that the server has the capability to extract the archive.

If for some reason a direct server-to-server connection is not possible, a compressed archive is downloaded to the client machine, and uploaded to the target server. This may take a little longer on a slow connection, but will succeed in all supported cases.