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2. General Information

The ionCube Package Foundry has the following major features:
  • Built-in application configuration tool
  • Elegant 'Browse for FTP folder' control
  • Support for multiple languages
  • SSL support for sites using HTTPS
  • Familiar installer GUI
  • Easy to use GUI front end to Foundry
  • Create UNIX style permission structures
  • Automatic retrieval and installation of ionCube Loaders (if needed)
  • Local or remote installation
  • Detection of server capabilities to help upload files in the most efficient manner
  • End-user contact details and log file (optionally) sent if problem occurs during installation
  • Option to use multiple parallel FTP connections to greatly increase FTP throughput
  • Automatically detects whether to use active or passive FTP mode
  • Support for multiple install targets
  • Customisable images
  • GZip and Zip compression

See the following pages for a discussion of some of these, and the rest of the documentation for a detailed description of all product features.