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4. IPF Command-line Tool

The Windows version of the ionCube Package Foundry is invoked from the command-line with the following command :

ipf.exe --config <script path>

The Linux version is similarly invoked with:

ipf --config <script path>

Here 'script path' is the path of a text file containing information required by the Package Foundry, as detailed below.

If an evaluation version of the Package Foundry is installed, an evaluation key also needs to be specified with the --eval-key option

If a full version of the Package Foundry is installed, the path to a license file must be specified with with the --ipf-license option. Alternatively a license request file can be generated with the --license-request option.

If an item in a configuration script conflicts with a command-line option, then the command-line option takes precedence. This allows custom packages to be created 'on the fly'.