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5.8. Language Packs

The text displayed to the end-user in the installer interface can be localised by using thhe Language Pack feature introduced in IPF 2.0. Settings related to this feature are entered on the Languages tab:

Language Selection

Click on the boxes next to the Available Languages list items to select which languages should be included in the installer. The language which is used in the installer to display text to the end-user will depend on the current system locale set on the user's system.

Default Language

If the installer is run by an end-user whose system's current language has not been included with the installer. If no Default Language is set in IPF, then the unlocalised text (English) will be displayed. Under some circumstances it may be preferable to display a different language. To do this, change the Default Language option to one of the included languages.

Further Reading

More information related to the use of locales in IPF, and information on how to add new languages, can be found on the Translating Installers page.