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Online Encoding Price Guide

The table below gives some examples of prices for encoded jobs. Pricing is based on the total amount of code generated for all files encoded, and there is no charge per file!. Charging is only based on the actual code, and pure HTML typically costs virtually nothing. Encoding an archive of 20 HTML files might cost the same or less than one more complicated PHP file.

The table below shows encodings for some large archives and a few web sites. The dollar cost assumes an account starting with no credits. The table includes the source code size as a very rough guide, but remember, cost is based on compiled code size and not source. Comments, white-space, expansive code layout etc. cost nothing.

Encoding web sites is particularly cost effective because of their low complexity relative to the other examples.

To get a price for your own project, just upload to the online Encoder either as a test or pay-to-download encoding and the price will be given

Application/Library Size of Source Cost (credits) Cost
xdebug web site 156KB4382 lines/15 files 15 $1.50
Small 10 page web site 70KB19 files 10 $1.00
PHP Accelerator web site 150KB4374 lines/53 files 20 $2.00
Squirrelmail 1.2.4 900KB26133 lines/146 files 270 $25.00 (30 spare credits)
Squirrelmail 1.2.7 1115KB32707 lines/177 files 350 $30.00
Pear from 4.3.0dev 575KB18144 lines/47 files 140 $14.00
Metabase 2002-04-15 380KB12101 lines/17 files 180 $18.00