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PHP Encoder Box
  •  NEW 8.3.3 UPDATE - MAR 2015
  •  PHP 5.5 Language support included.
  •  Run files on PHP 5.6 or earlier.
  •  Powerful Windows and OS X GUI.
  •  Compiled Bytecode protection.
  •  Binary code obfuscation.
  •  Protect revenue by locking scripts to domains.
  • and more...

I now have the Encoder. Your response time was impressive. Very pleased.

Phil Allsopp
Package Foundry Box
  •  Easy to use installer interface!
  •  Eliminate end-user remote installation problems and failures.
  •  Automatic file transfer, custom permissions, post install scripts, and much more!
  •  End-user multi-language support.
  •  Perfect for creating CD-ROM based autoinstallers.

IPF is by far the best utility to install scripts, and has certainly made my life a lot easier. Clients can easily install a script. Much, much easier than the traditional method. It also makes for a more professional feeling product delivery which in turn positively impacts the client's impression of the service delivered.

Ruud Hein
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Bundler Box
The ionCube Bundler makes the creation of self-extracting archives a breeze!

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