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Wishing you could distribute your web applications in a professional installer that does everything and will deploy your software anywhere, and not as a ZIP file that does nothing? Do FTP problems, corrupted files and incorrect file permissions sound familiar? If you distribute web applications, the chances are that these and other issues are common problems for your end users and potential customers, and a solution is required.

The ionCube Package Foundry changes all this by creating professional looking automated installers for your web applications that make remote installs just as easy as a local install. With a simple GUI and no complicated scripting, you can be creating your first installers in seconds, and finally put an end to ZIP file distributions!

Key features of installers...
  • Easy install of PHP and ASP based applications to local or remote servers.
  • Create installers for Windows from Linux or Windows.
  • Automatic installation of ionCube Loaders for PHP if required.
  • Support for multi-language installer messages and support files.
  • Assign custom permissions to files or folders.
  • Heuristics to optimise installation performance and assist user input.
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Installation problems solved by IPF...

    There are several common problems with installing web products, particularly if they contain encoded scripts. These problems include:

  • Requirement for extra tools such as suitable FTP and archive programs.
  • Accidental file corruption as WinZIP and many FTP programs can corrupt encoded scripts and support files.
  • Incorrect setting of custom file permissions and application configuration.

Complicated instructions and install problems frustrate the end user, and can even prevent product evaluation and a potential sale. To package your product as a professional, simple and reliable all-in-one installer, IPF is the perfect solution.

Quotation Our clients always have problems in installing our software (and almost any PHP software solution has the same problem). So we found IPF (we use ionCube as well) and that was it, Eureka ... I can say that now LITE versions are installed in most cases without any problems and sales of course are better now.
QuotationGood job ionCube Team!
Valics Lehel
CEO GraFX Software Solutions