Server Migration (this is a legacy article from our archive)

November 6th 2006 9am GMT

As November 5th Guy Fawkes night went off with a bang and fireworks in abundance here in London, so our primary server in London chose this time to develop a major fault that randomly and frequently hung and required a reboot. As this was definitely not just a temporary glitch, we put into action our plan for total sever migration that we knew would be needed one day, as it's never a case of if a server will fail but when. With standby servers and replicated data, and by automatically switching DNS as necessary between the primary and standby servers, we were able to keep serving essential site content from one server or another as well as maintain full site functions for most of the time while the major site subsystems and services were migrated and brought live on their new home.

The migration has now been completed successfully and with minimal service interruption, and we hope that you were not inconvenienced during the migration. Despite a successful rollover, it is none the less possible that some site quirks may be evident and we are currently testing all site features to discover any problems. If you do experience any problems then we apologise in advance for this, and we would be grateful if you would let us know via our support helpdesk so that we can remedy them as a priority.

Thank you for your support.

The ionCube Team