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4. Main Window

Upon clicking on the Event log tab, the following window will appear:

Event log

The event log is activated and items are brighter when a project is opened, and tree nodes are populated with messages and other information during the build process. In particular the status of the encoding and any parse errors will be displayed. To view the raw log from the Encoder after encoding, right click and select View Log.

Double clicking a message in the event log tree that is associated with a file will attempt to open the file using the program associated with that file type. Using project settings, it is possible to choose either the default Windows editor, or one of several other popular editors for editing code, if installed. If the editor provides the feature, double clicking an error message will also position the cursor on the line containing the error.

An example of the Encoder having encoded a project is shown below.


The toolbar button icons are described below:

Create a new project.
Start the new project wizard.
Open an existing project.
Save the current project.
Close the current project.
Open the project settings dialog.
Open the license file creation settings dialog.
Open the preferences dialog.
Start the project building/encoding process.
Stop building.
Create an installer executable from your encoding target using the ionCube Package Foundry (requires IPF license).
Edit the Package Foundry settings (requires IPF license).
Run the installer executable associated with the current project (requires IPF license).
Display any parse errors that occurred during building.
Open the file of the previous parse error and position the cursor at the error line if possible.
Open the file of the next parse error and position the cursor at the error line if possible.