11. Package Foundry Integration

The ionCube Package Foundry is a tool which can produce professional installers for your PHP applications. IPF is a separate tool to the Encoder, but is integrated with the Encoder GUI. IPF uses a script to configure options such as the name of the product and properties related to deployment, and to enable the integration it is necessary to enter the path to an existing or new .pfs script.

From the main window click the Package Foundry Settings button or press F11 to open the IPF settings window. For more information on the fields in this window please see the IPF documentation in the IPF install folder.

Click the Create Installer button or press F4 to start IPF. One can specify the target folder of the Encoder as the IPF package folder, and then the encoded files will be used to create a GUI installer.

Click the Test Setup button or press Ctrl+F4 to test the installer created by IPF.

IPF can also be run as a standalone application from the Windows Start Menu, and the IPF documentation should be consulted for more information.